Mineral Insulated Cable
MICO® Mineral Insulated Cable is composed by:

ETP solid (not stranded) copper cores, from 1 to 400 mm2, melting point 1082°C
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) as electrical insulation, due to its high performance at high temperature (melting point 2600°C)
High quality DHP copper sheath, manufactured starting from tubes extruded and drawn only (not welded), melting point 1082°C
LSF additional outer covering. Such flame retardant poliolephin is characterised by high performance in corrosion resistance and low smoke emission.

MICO® Cable range is divided into:

Light duty cables (300/500 V) from 2 to 7 cores, from 1 to 4 mm2 size
Heavy Duty Cables (450/750 V) from 1 to 19 cores, 400 mm2 maximum size for single core, 25 mm2 maximum size up to 4 cores.

Production process held by KME foresee many steps of diameter reduction (both drawings and rollings) separated by high temperature annealing. Long lead time (average is 8 weeks) grants high quality cable at the end of the process: strong compression of MgO powder (density about 2 kg/cm3) allows very high values of insulation resistance (also if burned, 180° bended or flattened) and thermal conductivity. Therefore current ratings are higher than soft skin cables, especially at high temperature.

Applications and advantages

weaker situation is copper melting point (1082°C) MICO® is the safest cable, it can withstand to severe fire, water and mechanical tests as foreseen by British (LPCB), European and australian standards

MICO® is the only cable to go on working also during a fire, so to supply (for at least 120 minutes, maximum time 3 hours) emergency lamps, acoustic alarms, sprinklers, automatic doors, elevators and so on

MICO® cables allow fire controller units to receive signals by fire detectors also during a fire. MICO® twisted cables (for signal transmission), in addition to MICO® light duty cables (for power supply), are able to match technical requirements by most popular fire detection systems

World leaders like ABB or Schneider Electric already tested and approved MICO® as suitable cable for distribution in their bus systems, limiting MICO® specification in fire hazardous areas or in historical buildings, where standard bus cables need are not recommended

standard electrical plant can deeply impact aesthetical aspect of old buildings: where integrity of original structure must be saved and hidden installation is not allowed (or its cost would be too much), MICO® is the perfect solution for an installation at sight. You can also trust on copper capacity of disappearing, day after day, if used on particular environment like stone, brick, wood.

Emergency lights and fan coils are required to go on working also during a fire, to allow people using emergency exits. In order to save their life, MICO® is really able to withstand high temperatures during a car fire.

Mineral insulated cable TWISTED - code:2T1.5

Building management systems
Fire detection systems
Closed circuit television
Fire telephone systems
Data networks

Dimensional characteristics

Manufatured following the requirements of BS 6207
Numbers of conductors 2 x 1.5 mm²
Insulation (MgO)
Diameter over copper sheath (5.7 mm)
Red LSF additional sheath (7.2 mm)
In 100 mtrs coils

Electric characteristics

Voltage rating
500 V
Conductors resistance (max.)
12.1 ohm/km
Nominal sheath resistance (screen)
2.7 ohm/km
Nominal capacitance conductor to conductor
164.5 pF/m
Nominal capacitance one conductor to sheath at 1 kHz
243.5 pF/m
Nominal capacitance between conductors and copper sheath at 1 kHz
384.4 pF/m
Nominal inductance (loop) at 10 MHz
436.0 μH/m
Attenuation at 1 MHz
- 19.0 dB/km
Attenuation at 10 MHz
- 52.0 dB/km
Nominal chatacteristic impedance
50 ohm

On request KME is able to produce twisted cables 2T1 and 2T2.5 and also shielded MI cables with double insulation
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